Chemistry Analyzer

Category: Chemistry

Manufacturer: Roche

Model: Modular P

Price: Call For Price



Sample Types

Serum, Plasma, Urine, CSF, Hemolysate

Sample Input/Output
on Core unit

Load/unload capacity: 300 samples/60 racks on 2 trays
Rack: 5 position rack, RD standard rack
Tray: 30 racks/150 samples, RD standard tray
STAT port: STAT samples processed with priority

Sample Container Types

Primary tubes: 5 to 10ml, 16x100, 16x75, 13x100, 13x75mm
Sample Cup: 2.5ml
Micro Cup: 1.5ml
Cup on tube: Cup on 16x75/100mm tube

Sample Volumes

2 to 50┬Ál per test

Sample Barcode Type

Code 128, Codabar (NW 7), Interleaved 2 of 5, Code 39




ISE 900 / ISE 1800 module Na+, K+, CL-
onboard capacity in cooled reagent areas
P 800 module: up to 44 assays


Control Unit

Control Unit

Windows NT PC with Pentium II processor (or higher),
Touch-screen monitor

System Interfaces

RS 232 serial interface, bi-directional, Interface to the Service Processor and modem for Remote Diagnostics Access, ASTM protocol


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